Within the grasp of three of the galaxy’s greatest powers lies the Gavarian Corridor.

Stretching from the furthest borders of the United Federation of Planets to divide the Cardassian Union and the Romulan Star Empire, this reach of space stands independent of any of them. Each has vied for supremacy over the past decade, seeking to exploit the region for resources, scientific curiosity, or strategic dominance. Each has been rebuked in that time, defeated by rivals or the hardships of the Corridor itself.

A year ago, Starfleet was driven from the Corridor by politics and more pressing demands upon its forces. Now the Federation has returned; not only with starships and officers, but civilians, colonists. Under the new Gavarian Exploration Agreement, a smattering of worlds are being settled, humanity turning to the Corridor to indulge its most driving instinct: to explore the galaxy. To embrace the stars.

No colony is more contentious than Pergamon, a planet settled under audacious circumstances. Seeking to forge a peaceful coexistence in the Corridor, the world has been shared between citizens both Federation and Cardassian. Colonial planners insist Pergamon is big enough for everyone, that good neighbours will bring good peace, but Starfleet remains apprehension.

In the spirit of cooperation has Pergamon been settled. In the spirit of caution has Starfleet sent the USS Endeavour. Once she could boast to be one of the fleet’s most advanced, but technology marches on; still, the Galaxy-class is a formidable commitment to bring to the Gavarian Corridor. It is her duty to see the colony of Pergamon flourish. To see Federation interests in the Gavarian Corridor are protected. To fulfill Starfleet’s mission of exploring these strange new worlds on the frontier.

To keep a peace so it can be forged anew.

The Endeavour is a fiction attached to Bravo Fleet's Task Force 72